mercredi 22 novembre 2017

JK Flesh - Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon (2017)

Suicide Estate Antibiotic Armageddon is the reunion of two cassettes released last year by JK Flesh (Justin Broadrick). Compared to the more linear and techno (with noise and D& B elements) Rise above, also last year, I feel SEAA is closer to the older Broadrick sound, heavier, more dub and industrial noise. Excellent tracks.

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samedi 11 novembre 2017

Anthropic - Anthropic (EP 2017)

Anthropic is the EP and first release of he band Anthropic, from Buffalo NY, I discovered his one mainly by chance (wandering on Bandcamp) and I'm glad I did because i's really excellent and I could listen to it all day long.  Fifteen minutes for seven tracks of old school death-grind (think Repulsion or Terrorizer), relentless but dynamic and with a raw production that adds to the impact. If you're into this kind of stuff it's a really enjoyable release.

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vendredi 10 novembre 2017

Million Brazilians - New Ideas in Psychic Music (2009)

New Ideas in Psychic Music is a tape from Porland's kraut/psych/free jazz band Million Brazilians. As you could guess they like to experiment and their releases could be quite different one from the other. On those two songs they sound a bit like Can with some sax playing from Albert Ayler. Which is cool. Good stuff!

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mardi 7 novembre 2017

The Body & Full of Hell - Ascending a Mounain of Heavy Light (2017)

Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light is the new collaborative album from The Body and Full of Hell. I don' really know how they worked together, but like their previous collaboration it sounds more like The Body featuring Full of Hell here and there and most of the time it could pass by something from The Body alone. I still wonder what is the point of collaborating with a noisegrind band if you end up with only thirty seconds of blast beats on the album. That being said I won't complain much because the album is awesome and among he best The Body released. On this one their industrial doom / power electronics is surprising, daring, and heavy and noisy as fuck with some finely crafted touches of light, just enough to bring the perfect contrast. Easily one of my favourite albums released this year.

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vendredi 27 octobre 2017

Lightning Bolt - Fantasy Empire (2015)

It took me some time to make up my mind about the bass/drum duo Lightning Bolt and their latest album, Fantasy Empire. Maybe it was because I had the idea Lightning Bolt is a mathcore band. Yes some elements of their music could be described as mathcore, but it's a much more complex animal. The raw power and energy they carry evokes hardcore but of course they don't have the sraighforward side of hardcore. The fuzzy bass sound reminds noise rock or sometimes heavy psych rock when it gats a bit melodic and trippy. And the rythmic complexiy  could evokes math rock / mathcore but i sound more loose and improvised, more live, so it's often more free rock than math rock. Well call it what you want to me it's a very dynamic and powerfull album with a unique approach and sound, very cool stuff.

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mardi 24 octobre 2017

GALL - EP 2017

GALL is a noisegrind (they say powerviolence / noise) trio from Germany and they recently released this excellent EP with Nerve Altar. twelve tracks in ten minutes, vocals, drums, bass and noise. Simplicity for maximum impact. I really like the drumming and the fast parts, but the slower feedback drenched moments are good as well. I love discovering new bands like this one. Great stuff. I can't help listening to it several times in a row, and I suppose it could do the same to you. you've been warned...

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samedi 21 octobre 2017

Tricky - Ununiform (2017)

Tricky is a very versatile artist, touching and mixing different styles, different beats, blending rock and electro, using many different vocalist on his albums. On the same album you have tracks that can be very different and it's also different from one album to the other. The overall quality is very high but his career has many ups and downs. Lately it was about one good for one mediocre. Mixed race in 2010 was good, False Idols in 2013 is maybe its weakest, Adrian Thaws in 2014 is a good one, whereas Skilled Mechanics in 2016 wasn't very inspired. IS the new one Ununiform following the pattern? Yes hopefully it is and it is indeed a really good albums with few average tracks and some really strong ones. Witht his trademark dark and melancholic mood, the melodic female singing (the usuals Francesca Belmonte, Asia Argento, and even Martina Topley-Bird), the rappers (Scriptonite from Kazakhstan and Smoky Mo from Russia), well, it's another classic Tricky album, possibly the best since Blowback?

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